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Tips and Hints

Kelowna Plumbers, Vernon Plumbers, Pipe Piper Plumbing is a locally owned & operated company serving the Central Okanagan.

  1. Check your Outside Taps annually for bulges or cracks.

  2. Always disconnect garden hoses from outside taps when there is a chance of frost.

  3. Have your Water Pressure tested annually. High Pressure can lead to your Hot Water Tanks Pressure Relief Valve discharging.

  4. It can also lessen and/or end the life of various other valves, pipes and fixtures in your home or business.

  5. Fill your sinks & tubs with hot water once per month and drain.  This will assist in keeping your drainage pipes flowing freely by getting rid of debris.

  6. Don't always assume the base of the toilet is where leaks come from; more often than not the leaks are coming from between the tank & bowl.

  7. Leaks in ceilings and walls are not always due to faulty plumbing - check your roof.

  8. Water that contains heavy iron or calcium can lead to scaling, corrosion and iron deposits which will lessen the life of your fixtures. Have your water tested.

  9. Ensure your Water Conditioning Unit has an adequate discharge drain to avoid back-flow in the drainage system.

  10. Keeping your Mechanical Room dust free helps to maintain gas appliances.

  11. A slow running faucet might just be a clogged aerator.

  12. Always know where your main shut-off valve is located.
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